Witch Folk-Duo Scarlet Crow ( Mama Crow and Marya Stark ) have collaborated with 16 producers to celebrate their debut album ‘Remembrance’ with a fresh collection of elegant and dynamic remixes. Just in time for the summer festival season, this diverse array of electronic soundscapes reimagines the etheric storytelling of these two bards, integrating the medicine of eclectic world fusion productions with their soulful poems, giving this enchanting record brand new life. 
May the original beauty of these songs and the prayer seeded throughout this album expand and continue working its magic on the dance floor.

Photo: Tessa Shields and Julia Miho Nakamura

Born Carmen Marie Gutierrez. Known to most as Mama Crow. Prefers to be called Carmen Crow.

Although she is motherly, she is not your mom. So don't be sad when she has to leave your city. She is a touring, performance artist. And she shares her art across the lands. Her unconditional love takes form, in front of you, as embodied sound, electric movement and soothing, lyrical spells. She sings and freestyles and channels beauty-truth for all of you. 

Mama Crow Singer.JPG

Photograph by Sarah Mock