'These songs are offered on the altar of truth-telling, hope and liberation. For breaking the silence. For liberating the voice of the Feminine. For revelation, revival and eternal remembrance. For recoding the stories in our collective dna. For bringing about healing and restoring balance on a massive level. For our ancestors past and future, and for all life on this gorgeous green earth.

May our tears and crimson codes nourish you back to a thriving state.'


Scarlet Crow is the combined powers of dynamic duo Marya Stark and Mama Crow. Their debut album, recorded and produced by Scarlet Crow themselves, was released in May 2017. This group creates a whole new sound infused with potent prayer. You will be spellbound by their haunting harmonies, heart-melting conviction and witch-folk acoustic music, laced with electronic sparkle and heavy hammers through the hands of world-renowned musician and co-prodcuer of the album, Kalya Scintilla. This project and creative vision was ushered in by a full council of wise women; namely Eve Olution, Layla Centorrino, Laurel Kitten, Tessa Shields, Tangelina & Amalia, Yemanya, Shiloh Boss and so many more incredible human beings. . . 

To All That Are Remembering. . .

.:open up the door and turn the page:.